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Want more power out of your vehicle? Tuning it is the absolute BEST investment of your money when it comes to making you car, truck or other vehicle perform better. Proper tuning can produce more horsepower at the wheels, give your engine greater longevity, save you on fuel prices, and much more. Dynometer tuning is the safest way to ensure that your vehicle is running at peak performance. Whether it is 2WD, 4WD, ATV, or motorcycle we can handle your dyno needs. We are now offering ECUEdit for the Subaru/Mitsubishi crowd and HP Tuner for the domestic guys.

Dyno PRO-Tuning starts at $400, please contact us to inquire for your vehicle. Wondering if we can tune your car? Look below to see what we can do:

We can tune all HP Tuner-compatible vehicles. Click here to see the list of accepted vehicles.

We also support Open Source and ECUTek Tuning on the below vehicles:

  • Subaru (petrol) 01-06
  • Subaru (petrol) 04-07
  • Subaru (petrol) 07+
  • Subaru BRZ, Toyota FR-S
  • Subaru (petrol) DIT 13+
  • Mitsubishi (petrol) 97-08
  • Nissan GT-R 08+

Want PROVEN performance? We’ve got it. Schedule your dyno session today and get your vehicle on our “Wall of Horsepower”.

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