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Welcome to Montana’s first all-wheel drive dyno. What’s a dyno? A dyno, or dynamometer, is a rolling road capable of allowing performance vehicle tuning and testing. Whether your want your car to run more efficiently or you need to test your horsepower gains from aftermarket parts, our dyno service will be able to help.

About Our Dyno

We use a Dynocom 5000fx dynamometer in our shop. It is designed as a high-precision instrument for vehicle testing. We are able to correct performance figures to compensate for density altitude, temperature, humidity and other outside factors. We can provide comprehensive performance logs which allow a visual representation of your vehicle’s performance.

-AWD 5000-FX dynamometer is capable of supporting speeds up to 175+ MPH and 2000+ HP. The AWD 5000-FX was designed for a variety of different testing scenarios – FWD/RWD Cars, Sport Compacts, Motorcycles and ATV’s. It is equipped with an eddy brake and you are able to perform acceleration, step, sweep and steady-state tests.

  • View in real-time torque/horsepower output, at steady and changing speeds, to instantly evaluate changes you’ve made to the engine’s fuel or timing maps.
  • Diagnose engine and drivetrain problems.
  • Troubleshoot drivability issues.

Why is all-wheel drive important? Most modern vehicles, even rear-wheel drive vehicles, require all of the wheels to be rolling when driving in order to prevent expensive damage. We understand that, and can provide services for all types of vehicles, old and new.

Proven Performance

Dyno Service Prices

Our dyno services are competitively priced for both all-wheel drive and front/rear-wheel drive vehicles.

Dyno Service
Setup and first 3 pulls$200 per hour
Tuning Service
Prices start at $350Contact for Quote
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